Easy ways to master your IG photography

All of you who follow me on Instagram, know how obsessed I am with good photography. I appreciate very much when someone has pretty feed and visually attractive photos. I could scroll down through those feeds for hours. I find them being so inspirational and eye-catching.

The same thing is with my Instagram feed that I am very proud of. I started with modest looking photos, but when I saw how remarkable photography some people have, I decided to level up my skills. The result you can see on my Instagram feed, and read a post here why I love Instagram. I don’t think I have the best feed in the world, but I like the way I’m continuously developing and I am happy with the progress I made so far.

What are the things and tips I would share with you regarding IG photography?

Find your scheme

Ok, I know that this is so boring to read, and everybody is saying that, but it is the truth. I don’t like just plain posting of random shots. Maybe it works fine for some people, but for me most certainly not. I firmly believe that you should have “your thing”, something that makes you recognizable. It is totally fine to change things at the time, for example, I started with the white background, then I shifted to pink, and now I am all into colors, but every single photo I make reflects me, and people who follow me tell me that if they see somewhere my photo, they would know it was mine, even without my name on it. Such a compliment!

Make your theme tells who you are. For me, everything is bright and tender and cheerful with lots of colors lately. Working in a lab is fine and exciting in another way, but having a possibility to express another, creative side means everything for me. So find your “signature”, whether if it’s, for example, a certain sort of a lipstick, flowers, hat, minimalistic approach, or just a particular color combination. IG is meant to be a visual network, so make your photos optically appealing.


I don’t mind photo editing at all. Some people complain that editing is a fake thing, or unnecessary, but I am fully for it. It would be ideal to always have photos in a bright midday light, but if you are realistic, it is not possible all the time. So with editing programs, you can balance the lighting, remove greyish undertones, add warmth or have colder colors, make everything look crispy, or blurred. I adore when people know how to play with Photoshop, and add unicorns and seagulls to their photos, when everything looks so magical, with light leaks and rainbows. Photoshop is still a mystery for me, but I highly recommend using a Snapseed. Just one thing be aware, do not over-edit your photos, especially if you are a beauty blogger, because your followers still want to see the exact color of the blush or eyeshadow.


I love making flatlays. Those are photos made from the above with object laying on the sheet or table. My niche is makeup, and as you might notice, I am all over the place. I love flowers, confetti, sweets, flowers again mixed with my lipsticks and blushes. Having a minimalistic photo with just a desired object is fine, but it is not my style. I find that all the details and props add more depth to your photography. I love photos that look like they are from magazines, and magazines and newspapers can also be a beautiful detail to your photo. Basically, you can use whatever crosses your hands – flowers, photos, books, cutlery, napkins, watches, shoes, clothes, scarves, bows, dishes, glasses, fruits, coffee cups, etc.


Whoever takes IG a bit seriously, knows that it is almost impossible to take photos and edit them every single day. We all have a life, don’t we? So if you’re taking photos in a bulk, like I do, make your life easier and install some of the apps with this preview function. That is a fine way to arrange photos the way you want them, how they look and combine best on the grid and upload them to the IG from the preview app then. Some of the apps also have time scheduling option, so the photos publish themselves, you only need to pick a time and write a caption.

Was this article of any help for you? What are your tips and tricks?


  • Posted June 29, 2018
    by Aida

    Kao i uvijek draga toliko me odusevljavas svojim postovi ma ne znam bas najbolje engl ali sam se potrudila po nesto i da razumijem jer od tebe uvijek naucim nesto novo a ti znas da ja volim tvoje i recenzije a slike najvise ?????????????????

  • Posted July 1, 2018
    by Violeta

    Jedan jako koristan post! Zapisivala sam po nešto, i hvatala beleške u rokovnik. Trebao ti je i ovakav post, zaista! ??? Volim tebe, jer iz svakog posta uvek nešto novo naučim! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Posted July 2, 2018
    by Milica

    Ovo su sve predivni saveti draga, hvala ti! ? ? Kradem ove app izgledaju dobro, a tvoje fotke su tako savršene uvek. ❤️ ? ?

  • Posted July 3, 2018
    by Tamara Životic

    Opa! Odala si nam svoje tajne! ? Jako koristan post! Ja ću da ti ukradem ovde par stvarčica i “forica”, zanima me da li će biti još jedan post na ovu temu ? ❤️

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