My name is Jelena, aka Makeuplovingme. I am a chemist in love with makeup and all things beauty. Whenever I get tired of science, I skip into my wonderful creative beauty world and share with you reviews of products I use. I am also a huge skincare nerd and I love to share tips about anti aging. My aesthetic nature combines excellently with photography, that’s why I also enjoy sharing with you photos of pretty things.

I have very light complexion (NC 15), hazel eyes and blond hair.

My skin type is normal to dry, rather not sensitive, and not prone to pimples and blackheads.

Every post on this blog represents my honest opinion. All the photos on this blog are mine, and if some were taken from the web they are linked to the original sites.

I am here for all your questions, comments, proposals, or simply chats.

Beautifully yours,